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Last summer the AzATA’s Secondary Schools Committee put forth the initial steps to a Safety in Sports Campaign that was to occur during September of this year.  With all the questions regarding the return to athletics at all levels, we went into a holding pattern. 

Now that a majority of Arizona secondary schools are now offering some semblance of athletics, we would like to remind the public that Athletic Trainers are still here.  We are still working and still providing care to patients of all kinds.

With that being said, we would like to ask all ATs in any setting to participate in our modified Safety in Sports Campaign from Monday November 9 to Saturday November 14.   We would like you to share photos and messages via social media that Arizona ATs are still working to provide the best care to their patients in these unique circumstances. 

For those ATs who are hosting games/matches that week, we also have made available media/announcer templates that can be used at your site on the website.  If you have spectators, they can be read aloud.  If you are doing live game links, they can be read by the announcers providing the game information.

Members of the Secondary Schools Committee will be available to troubleshoot any technological issues you may have in posting your messages.  Any questions about the campaign can be directed to Michelle Gonzalez soazatc@gmail.com or Lauren Krasner BOD.SSAT@azata.net

Hashtag Themes for Safety In Sports and Social Media Instructions

PSA and Media Release Samples 

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