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2021 Virtual Annual

Winter Symposium

January 23-24, 2021


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Saturday January 23rd, 2021

~3.75 CEU's Cat. A

~1 EBP (BOC Approved)

Number of CEU's are Dependent on Sessions Attended

All Session Times are MST

Zoom Link and Attendee Page will be provided in Attendee Registration Confirmation Email


Zoom Opens 

Membership Meeting Watch Session 7:15-7:45

7:50-8:00am Welcome and Meeting Overview


General Session

The Peak Performance Lens and its Application to Injured or Recovering Athletes (0.75 CEU)

-Gregory Prudhomme, PhD 


Commercial Break: Gatorade (View Commercial Here)


General Session

Enhance Your Ability to Protect Yours and Assist Patients with Mental Health (1.0 CEU)

-Scot Raab, PhD, LAT, CCD


Commercial Break: May0 Clinic (View Commercial Here) and FastMed (View Commercial Here)

Mayo Patient Brochure, Mayo Contracted Insurances, Mayo Sports Medicine, Mayo Sports Medicine Summit 


General Session 

Effective communication: peers, professionals, providers (1.0 CEU)

-Joshua Danaher, MA


 Lunch/Ask the BOD 


General Session 

Advocacy within the profession (1.0 CEU)

-Alisha Pennington, MS, ATC


Commercial Break: Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Center View Commercial 1, 2, 3)


General Session 

Medical Disqualification Following Concussion: Considerations to Aid in the Decision-Making Process - 1 EBP 

-Michelle Weber-Rawlins, PhD, ATC


Commercial Break: NATA Foundation (View Commercial Here)

KEYNOTE:The Development of a Healthcare Philosophy

-Sue Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, L-AT, CSCS, COMT, RYT


Sponsor Happy Hour: Engage with AzATA Sponsors

Sunday January 24th, 2021

~4.25 CEU's Cat. A

~1 EBP (BOC Approved)

Number of CEU's are Dependent on Sessions Attended

All Session Times are MST

Zoom Link and Attendee Page will be provided in Attendee Registration Confirmation Email


Zoom Opens 


General Session (Pre-Recorded)

Return to Learn in the Classroom - 1 EBP

-Becky Fajardo & Michelle Gonzalez, MS, ATC


Commercial Break: OrthoArizona (View Commercial Here)


General Session

How to create an inclusive LGBTQ+ AT Facility (1.0 CEU)

-Glenn Edgerton, EdD, LAT, ATC and Karen Hostetter, PhD, LAT, ATC


 Commercial Break: Phoenix Children's Hospital (View Links Here and Here)


General Session

Define your Why, define your passion, go outside your comfort zone (1.0 CEU)

-Eli Kassab, ATC, MHS





General Session

Athletic Training in Occupational Settings (1.0 CEU)

-Merl Miller, MS, ATC, CIE, CPE


Commercial Break: Anatomage (View Commercial Here)


General Session

Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) Update (0.75 CEU)



Commercial Break: Medco (See Commercial Here) and Barrow Neurological Institute (See Commercial Here)


General Session

AIA SMAC Update (0.5 CEU)

-Dr. Wilson, MD, MPH, CAQSM, FAAP, FAMSSM Chair, AIA SMAC and David Hines


Saturday February 6, 2021

~2.5 EBP (BOC Approved)

Number of CEU's are Dependent on Sessions Attended

All Session Times are MST


Zoom Opens 




General Session

Common Joint Reduction Techniques for the Athletic Trainer (1.0 EBP BOC Approved)

-Kostas Economopoulos MD


General Session

Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Use in Adolescent Student-Athletes: The Pressure to Perform (1.5 EBP BOC Approved)

-Tavis Piattoly MS, RD, LDN

Symposium Objectives:

Upon completion of the symposium, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand research-based peak performance concepts for athletes
  2. Understand cognitive distortions and peak performance blockers that can hinder the recovery process
  3. Apply the Peak Performance Lens to the recovery process.
  4. Discuss the anatomy and pathophysiology of common joint dislocations
  5. Review the treatment options and reduction techniques for common dislocations
  6. Demonstrate the common reduction techniques and allow hands-on opportunities for the participant.
  7. Identify ways in which intercultural communication competence supports professionalism.
  8. Develop skills to cultivate effective interactions in the workplace.
  9. Describe the meaning of advocacy and its application to your professional practice
  10. Recognize different types of advocacy and how they offer varying options for advancement of the profession
  11. Identify opportunities within your daily practice and overall professional endeavors to personally advocate with internal and external stakeholders Compose a list of readily accessible resources to assist with making advocacy seamless
  12. Develop a plan for implementing advocacy into your expectations as a certified professional
  13. Identify factors to consider when discussing medical disqualification following concussion
  14. Describe methods of support for medically disqualified student-athletes following concussion
  15. Implement methods of support for student-athletes who have been medically disqualified following concussion
  16. The evolution of concussion management in the school setting over the past 25 years.
  17. How concussion symptoms affect learning and the need for school accommodations for all students.
  18. The role of school staff in implementing the RTL plan at your site.
  19. The most recent research and guidelines on Return to Learn (RTL) after concussion.
  20. Attendees will be able to create a RTL plan and organize a RTL site team to oversee the academics during patient recovery
  21. Attendees will be able to assist other support staff in instituting accommodations based upon provided recommendations for both student athletes and non-athletes.
  22. Following the SSAT, the attendee will be able to implement best practices to create an inclusive environment in the AT Facility.
  23. Following the SSAT, the attendee will have knowledge about the issues and concerns within the LGBTQ+ community as they relate to patients and athletic trainers.
  24. Following the SSAT, the attendee will have knowledge of the plethora of resources available to them as they embark on the mission of providing a safe space for all.
  25. How to navigate your career path as an Athletic Trainer
  26. Understanding your "Why"
  27. Work life balance vs integration
  28. Describe three benefits of a comprehensive workplace injury prevention program.
  29. Explain why ergonomic principles are important to consider when evaluating work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs).
  30. Describe the role of an AT in the return-to-work plan for injured workers with musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs).
  31. Compare ATs in sports setting and ATs in occupational settings.
  32. Review the purpose and composition of the AIA SMAC
  33. List key initiatives of the AIA SMAC for 2020-2021
  34. Demonstrate knowledge of resources to aid student athletes in maintaining mental health
  35. Enhance coaches and ATs ability to utilize or recommend appropriate counseling of athletes with mental health concerns
  36. Demonstrate methods to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and athletes.
  37. Discuss successes and challenges related to the 2019/2020 legislative session.
  38. Understand the GAC priorities for the 2020/2021 legislative session.
  39. Appreciate the value of and need for grass-roots lobbying, especially following an election year.

Arizona Athletic Trainers Association (BOC AP #: P333) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to offer continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers.

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  • Any questions regarding registration/payment should be directed to Natasha Anderson (treasurer@azata.net)
  • A 100% refund will be given with a written request to Natasha Anderson (treasurer@azata.net) before January 16, 2021. After this date, no refunds will be given.
  • Membership will be verified online using the latest NATA/AzATA records.  Individuals whose membership lapses prior to the start of the Winter Meeting will receive an invoice at the time of check-in in the amount of the difference between member and non-member registration for the category and day/days for which he/she registered.
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  • If you should need a copy of the proof of credit there will be a $15.00 reissue fee. 

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