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Honors & Awards Committee

Committee Members

Lynzi Warner, AT- Co-Chair

Dayna Tierney, AT-Co-Chair 

Curtis Johnson

Travis Armstrong 

Emily Dunning

Johanna Elliot 

Connie Weaver 

Tara Schimd

The responsibility of the (Honors & Awards) committee is to establish standards, evaluate candidates, and select recipients for the awards and scholarships given by the Association.  The committee is apprised of members in varying employment settings.  (Committee involvement is minimal, but has a very important task in December and January.  During the remainder of the year we are working to archive in Honors & Awards information and continue to honor our awardees.)

Please email all nominations to the Honor and Awards Committee 

2021 AzATA Award Winners

Lanny Williams Scholarship

Rianna Murrietta


Lanny Williams Scholarship

Jillian Quesada 


Lanny Williams Scholarship

Kaetlyn Blackburn

Special Recognition Awards

Dr. Amy Jo Overlin

Acceptance Video

Service Award

Suzie Squires 

Acceptance Video

Athletic Trainer of the Year Award

Ken McCarty

Acceptance Video

Presidents Award

Susie Cannata 

Acceptance Video

Presidents Award

Karen Whiteford

2019 AzATA Award Winners

Lanny Williams Scholarship

Kallee Schwan

Lanny Williams Scholarship

Kayla McCabe

Lanny Williams Scholarship

Wyatt Cogswell

Michael E. Nesbitt Scholarship

Michael Dane

AzATA Special Recognition Award

Dr. George Hershey

AzATA President's Award

David Hines

AzATA Service Award

Dr. Kenny Lam

Warren H. Lee Athletic Trainer of the Year

Natasha Tibbetts Anderson

Service Recognition

Greg Keuter - Outgoing Board Member
Michelle Gonzalez - Outgoing President
Mike McKenney - Outgoing PEC Chair
Chuck Baughman - Outgoing Sponsorship Chair (not pictured)

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