Az Board of Athletic Training License Changes Starting May 1st, 2013

10 Apr 2013 5:33 PM | Michelle Gonzalez (Administrator)

Please read Randy Frost's letter updating changes in the athletic training statutes including fees and requirements.


Dear Licensee,

On February 5, 2013, The Governors Regulatory Review Council approved new for the Rules for

the Athletic Training Board. These very important rule changes will take effect on May 1st, 2013.

Applications received on and after May 1st will be subject to the new rules.

Some of the key revisions and additions are listed below:

R4-49-102. Fees; Beginning May 1, 2013 license fees will increase to the following:

  • Application for original license $300.00
  • Renewal of license $175.00
  • Reinstatement of a license $200.00
  • Duplicate license $25.00

R4-49-203. Renewal the revision License; Several changes were made. The most significant change is the

revision of renewal last name. frames. No longer will a renewal date be connected to your last

approved by Renewal dates will now coincide with the month that the license was approved

by the Board. The time for submittal is as by the

C. A licensee shall submit the renewal application and fees to the Board office by

the current first day of the month at least 14 days prior to the expiration date of the

current license.

R4-49-207. Temporary Licenses; The temporary license will issue temporary licenses based on the


A. Subject to requirements of (B), the executive director may issue a temporary

license to an applicant for a board approval if the applicant meets the requirements

of A.R.S. § 32-4127.

B. The executive director shall not issue a temporary license or any prior board

approval if one or more of the following apply:

1. The applicant is the subject of care profession pending complaint before the Board or

any other state health care regulatory entity.

2. The applicant has had a license or a state to practice a health care

profession suspended or revoked by another state health care athletic training


3. The applicant has a criminal history or history of disciplinary action by a

state health care regulatory entity.

4. The applicant has previously been part of an application for an athletic

training license.

C. A temporary licensee is subject to disciplinary action by the Board pursuant to A.R.S.

§ 32-4153.

the area Continuing Education; The Board will now include continuing education as part

of the prerequisite to license renewal. The following spells out those


A. As completed during prerequisite to renewal, a and b. shall complete at least 15 CEUs in the

area of an approved training since the issuance of the previous license.

B. A licensee shall:

1. Maintain continuing education records that:

a. Verify the licensee continuing education activities the licensee completed

during the preceding two years, and

b. Consists of each statement of continuing education or certificate issued by an

approved provider at the conclusion of a continuing education


2. At the CEU requirements of licensure renewal, attest to the number of CEUs the

licensee completed during the renewal athletic training the renewal form; and

3. When requested by the Board original license submit proof of continuing

education participation within 20 days of the request.

C. Licensees may provide proof of continued BOC certification maintain current meet the CEU

requirements of this Section.

D. is approved licensees shall complete a course approved by the Board on the athletic

training statutes and this Chapter within one year of obtaining an original

license or the case renewal. This course need only be taken one time.

E. physical illness, addition to the CEU requirements above, all licensees shall maintain

States Armed certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation from a provider that is

approved by the Board.

F. Upon written request to the suspend or 30 days prior to the license renewal date,

the Board may a licensee a licensee’s continuing education requirement in the

case of extreme hardship including, but not limited to, mental or physical

illness, disability, absence from the United States, continuing education in the United States

Armed Forces or other extraordinary circumstances as determined by the


G. The Board may audit a licensee’s the practice education records and suspend

or revoke, according to A.R.S. §§ 32-4155 and 32-4156, the license of a

licensee who fails to comply with continuing submit them completion,

recording, or reporting requirements Frost Executive Director Arizona Section.

H. A licensee who is aggrieved by a decision of the Board concerning continuing

education units may request an administrative hearing before the Board.

You are encouraged to read and familiarize yourself with the Administrative Rules that govern the

practice of athletic training in Arizona. Copies may be obtained by visiting our website at If you have any questions once you’ve read them please submit

them in writing to me.


J. Randy Frost

Executive Director

Arizona Board of Athletic Training

4205 N. 7th Avenue Suite 305

Phoenix, AZ 85013

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